Honda Civic DRL Module Repair

This one baffled me for about a year.

As long as I turned my headlights on the buzzer would go away and after awhile I just learned to live with the DRL problem and would occasionally tried something new to fix the problem.

It wasn’t until I found the post by Steve Manly that I finally found a solution that worked.

If you are experiencing any of these issues with a Honda I would suggest you at least check the DRL module for signs of cracked solder joints.

Symptoms I experienced include

  • Loud buzzing sound coming from relay in the dash behind the glove box
  • DRL light flickering during buzzing sound
  • Turn headlights on and buzzer/right headlight flickering stops
  • High beams, sometimes right headlight doesn’t work

Fixes I tried that didn’t work

  • Located and replaced relay where buzzing sound was coming from. $30 from Honda dealership
  • Replaced headlights. $30 from retail auto store

The fix that worked (from Steve Manly)

Remove the DRL module, located under the steering column on the left side. Unplug one cable and module should slide off metal bracket.

Removed cover on module and located faulty solder points on the back side of the circuit board. Using flux and a solder pen I just touched up the points so there were a solid connections and no more cracks in the solder points.

Put the module back together and re-connect under the steering column.

That’s it, no need to buy a new DRL module which I’m guessing would be $150+


Honda Accord DRL Relay Repair HOWTO

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September 2014

After a little more than 2 years my day time running lights stopped working again and I had issues with right high beam. I took DRL module apart and noticed discolouring on some of the solder joints. I moved some of the old solder and added new solder as best I could. It really looked ugly when I was complete but the DRL module is doing it’s job again and headlights and daytime running lights are working fine again.

6 thoughts on “Honda Civic DRL Module Repair

  1. I am having a great deal of difficulty finding the DRL module in my 2006 civic hybrid…I can’t find anything that looks like the picture above…Thanks

  2. Take off the panel under steering wheel/above pedals. I had to get down low on the floor to loop up on the left side it should be there attached to bracket.

  3. Thanks HTP admin. I found Steve Manly’s page too. His pics were from a ’96 Accord I believe. Can you tell me what year Civic you were working on?

    I have the same problem and want to be sure that the module is in the same location and is the same style as the one shown in the picture.

    Thanks again.

    1. Your probably right. I haven’t had any problems with using flux but I’m a soldering novice so there could be better option.

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